Ajarn Tui is a specialist at the ancient forms of magic and Sak Yant in the Lanna region, from times when things were completely different than they are today.

An item for those looking for protection at this time.

The beautiful Somdet is made from a mix of male prai from an accident and the bonding agent, and that is it, except for the 9 hand written Takrut in the back. These are all the same Takrut, but by using 9 he instills the Somdet with an extra kata which relates it to all the classics of this top Thai Buddhist piece. Wiriting the Takruts himself instill great power into the piece as he has constructed each using his own processes when pushing the magic in. I love the effect of putting gold leaf over the natural black lacquer that he likes to use in his work, its a stunning piece.

This brings Metta, a raise in status and protects against all forms of harm - a stronger Somdet would be very difficult to find. Now in a fine silver case.

A fab piece spiritual work that measures 2" and comes with Ajarn Tui's card and kata.

Potent ancient magic.

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A Stunning Male Prai Somdet Amulet by Ajarn Tui in silver LAST ONE

  • I love Prai Somdets as they have both the needed attributes of a Somdet or popularity, Metta and protection and it is backed up by potent prai.