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One of the great strengths of The Thai Occult is where it is used to lift the life and refresh the lines of fate to help us get out of the periodic problems in life. This is one such piece, a solid silver bracelet that I had made to hold 5 good sized stones that contain meteorite, or as Phra Ajarn O terms it, Rahu's crystal. His reasoning is that good metal meteorite comes from the same are as our horoscope, absorbing the divine in the universe to lift the life of the bearer.

These are seemingly a black natural glass (obsidian) cabachon with an inset piece of metal meteorite below and then blessed by a Master magician. These are usually set into rings but I thought having 5 in a chunky silver bracelet would give your life a better kick into the right direction, beyond the influence of fate and astrological alignments.

These are exceptional pieces now set in thick silver. This is a hit of magic.

The amulet is chunky and will fit pretty much anyone.
I only have This One and it has been made to fit a 7" wrist.

A Stunning Meteorite Silver Bracelet for Serm Duang by Phra Ajarn O