This is a fabulous old issue Lersi Pujow Saming Prai amulet from Ajarn Tay, just check out the back of this amulet, it is incredible.

Pujow Samingprai is the Lersi that controls the lower spirits and through that power provides protection and authority in daily life. To do that, he has to have prai in his amulets, so behind that rather gorgeous enamel panel, there is more prai that you could possible desire. It is full of bone chips, a phial of bone powder and more bone powder in the matrix. There's 4 Takrut, a dice froma  gambling den, corpse cloth and even red gems for love stuck in this, it is jam packed with power. This is the old style amulet I miss, crammed with prai and in your face. A lot has changed in 3 years and this amulet is a classic.

You will always see a Pujow Samingprai in the Samnak of any Ajarn as he is one of the most useful Lersi he will work with. There may even be two masks to Pujow Samingprai and where there is, one will be for Sak Yant and one will be for controlling ghosts. I adore this style of amulet, which is very useful for people wanting to raise their level in life, and particularly effective for the slightly downtrodden.

Measures 2.7" and comes with the makers kata. A superb and useful amulet.

A Stunning Old Issue Pujow Samingprai Amulet by Ajarn Tay

  • There are 108 Lersi and all have a role in the magical world. The Tiger Faced Lersi is one of the top Lersi and he is turned to when one needs control of all ghosts and spirits as well as a boost in authority.

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