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This is a superb old issue from the legendary Ajarn Pornsit of his Kuman Thong that was released about 5 years ago when he was still using prai in his amulets. It is alive and an important amulet from one of the greatest makers in the North of Thailand.

This talisman is simply a cast selection of the earths from 7 graveyards and prai powder from a child and the image of the figure with a large cock is inset with a red gem. The back hold the activation Takrut and that is it but it has one hell of a kick, which is why I cased it in silver.

The Kuman Thong is the golden child from the Thai legend of Khun Paen although the magic is way older than that. In the story, the Kuman is the spirit son who is renowned in bringing wealth to his parent and protecting him from enemies. The one owned by Khun paen could even be sent on 'errands' to generally either kill or harm but those were the desperate times of old. Even today, a good Kuman is superb for influencing others through whispering in their ear and while there are more rules for care, these are a very rewarding amulet indeed. Ancient Thai Magic.

Measures just over 2.5" and comes with Ajarn's card and kata. An amazing piece.

A Stunning Old Kuman Thong Amulet in silver by Ajarn Pornsit

  • The Kuman Thong is the main child spirit that is worshipped within the practices of the Thai Occult, primarily for their ability to bring wealth and prosperity. It is also considered an act of Metta to care for the spirit of a child, to become its parent with all the responsibilities in caring for a ghost child.