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A good Miit Mhor is an essential tool to any magician as they are used to bind, cut, seal, break or banish ghosts, and this one is a very special old one. It is not necessary to know the maker and when we do, if it is old it adds excessive value, taking it out of our reach and besides, once you are taught how to make the knife yours it matters little.

I would estimate that this is over 30 years old, meaning that it has come from before there was any interest in the Thai practices from the outside world. The blade is impressed with a twin coiling Naga design and has Lanna script. The other side has two lines of script and a triangular Yant at the base. The bindings on the knife and scabbard are in both brass and aluminium and this is a well used knife. I am deliberately not going to clean and oil this blade as that should be done by the new owner as a part of the process of maing the knife yours. There is also a ritual for this, which I will explain to the buyer.

The knife measures 15" and is ready to use, no kata is necessary for this. Miit Mhor are for binding, cutting, and severing bonds/connections and also naturally repel dark forces. They are an essential tool for any magician and this is a good one.


A Stunning Old Naga Etched 15" Miit Mhor

  • A Miit Mhor knife is an essential tool to all Thai magicians. It is used to seal, bind, cut and bond through magical tasks, repels bad ghosts and is a strong form of protection. Good ones are hard to find as these knives should have weight and be fit for purpose.