This is such a gorgeous amulet from LP Charun and a fine example of the beauty of Thai metal work. The amulet consists of an owl sat on a pirch with red gem eyes that has been cast in Samlit but then black rhodium has been added to great effect.

This is classic monk magic as there is no Muan Sarn or prai content, just a spiritual metal into which he has put his magical qualities, in this case against all black magic and to attract money. The ceremonies to bless these is lengthy and usually involves 9 important monks combining their energies to produce an efficiently magical item.

Measures 1.6" and comes with the original temple box for authenticity and the Namo Dtassa chant.

Classic Puttakhun magic.

A Stunning Owl Amulet by Luang Phor Charun- anti black magic and money

  • Yes, there is a wicha for owl magic as there are owls in Thailand. Owls are for good fortune in general but also act against black magic cast your way. Hard to find but very popular with the folk of the Western Lands.