This is a classic older piece from the mighty Ajarn Suea of Chiang Mai  that is rather special. It is his Lanna Inn Khoo amulet that has been made in the traditional way and contains top level prai.

The amulet consists of two dolls that have been bound by the thread that binds the hands of a corpse and they have been wrapped around a coffin nail and the Takrut for activation. The remarkable thing with this though is the prai as it comes from a man who died by being struck by lightning. This is amazingly strong. The whole thing has then been put into an oil for Saneah and it is recommended that this hang on the waist. When someone comes close that you like tap the amulet and ask the ghost to help bag that person for sex, love or a relationship. Reward the ghost with merit for each conquest and allow the amulet to be in the room when having sex. It can also be placed under the mattress for a recharge.

This is good for any gender and any orientation, brings harmony to groups of people and the family and achieves a balance between friends of all types.

Measures 3.25" and comes with Ajarns card and kata. Will be sent with a belt loop.

I adore potent prai magic.

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A Stunning Prai Inn Khoo Amulet by the mighty Ajarn Suea LAST ONE

  • The Inn Khoo is one of the oldest forms of Wicha because the persuit of love is as old as society itself. An amulet like this increases your chances and once cannected, can help you thrive with strong lust and vigour.