Good Talismans to Krut (Garuda) are hard to find and I found this one on a trip to the centre of Southern Thai magic, close to where Ajarn Plian lives. Wat Khao Or sells his amulets and he oversees the training of Southern magicians  and I had to get this as it is a rare example of one of his Ong Kru.

The metal in this amulet is silver with a gold and copper content and it is an exquisite colour that shouts quality. It has a true sense of life and Krut brings authority into your life and actually represents stability and authority in Thailand with his image being used for banks and government buildings. A cracking piece.

This amulet measures 2.1" and comes with Ajarn Plian's card and the Namo Dtassa kata. I only have this one.

A Stunning Silver/Gold Krut (Garuda) Amulet by Ajarn Plian

  • Krut is the Thai version of Garuda who brings authority and is a symbol of authority itself.