The Bee (Maleng Pu) is a traditional form of amulet from Burma but also from the Tai Yai and from this source they bring different attributes, with the general form being for strong protection but there are versions for most of the attributes that people desire.

These amulets have to be made in a specific wood, the red hardwood that is used for old cart wheels and only the centre of that construction is saught for these pieces. They have been carved by hand and have one of the magical mixtures of the Weiza inside the bee along with mercury, which gives the feeling of very high magic. The mercury is blessed in a similar way to a Bia Kae for protection and this also contains a Yaa mix called Datura's Fruit for extreme charm as well as other Burmese Yaa.

I am selling these in the traditional way, which means it just has a ring through the front of the fly, so this is hung in a thin cord round the neck. This is pure Tai Yai magic, something which is extremely difficult to find but these are made by monks outside Chiang Mai!

This is a larger version than usual and quite amazing with its thick gold leaf.

The Bees have 4 functions

1. For charm and attraction. Easier to make people around like & love you.

2. For luck and wealth, as well as supporting the destiny of the owner.

3. For protection and safety from any dangers, ghosts, black magic or accidents.

4. To fulfil wishes because this amulet is alive and ready to help the owner as much as possible.

When not being worn, the Tai Yai versions have to be kept on or within a piece of bamboo as that is where this bee nests and please put a small sealed pot of honey next to them so they can feed when they want, and the jar is replaced once per year. I am sending the very simple holder made from Bamboo and you can either keep him in there and carry or use on the cord and then rest him on that bamboo when not wearing. This version has been coloured like the bee itself, which is really beautiful. Both Burmese and Tai Yai magic is so mysterious and the only kata with this is the Namo Dtassa chant, because the main thing is to keep spiritually pure.
This version of the bee measures  1.8" and as is usual with these, keeping the precepts and connecting with the mind brings the best results. I love these things.

It is rare to find ones this good and you can feel the mercury inside when he is gently shook.

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A Stunning Tai Yai Wicha Bee Amulet from Wat Maleng Puu

  • Tai Yai magic is one of the regional forms but it is very difficult to separate it from the Burmese way as they are so intertwined, but the Bees are generally Tai Yai. Remarkable things for strong protection, luck and charm.

    The practices of using Mercury to aid the life in this region dates back before recorded history but looks to have originated in Burma. They are safe and are given the properties of highly spiritual makers, to the point where they reflect their inherent quality of magic. Remarkable items.

    Interviews regarding the forms of mercury amalgams will follow at some point this year as we need a better understanding of this remarkable alchemy.