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This is a very special item and was mine but am selling it.

This is the legendary 3 Lady Luk Om by Luang Phor Pina of Wat Sanom Lao. This item contains the body fat and prai from 3 Phi Tai Tang Glom bodies (3 pregnant ladies), one from Cambodia, one from Burma and one from Thailand. I know these Luk Om very well after seeing a tin full of them from the temple collection.

Luang Phor Pina made these throughout the late 80's and 90's but looking at the original plastic wrapping (this one was never cased and was instead kept in its original wrapping in a jar) I would say that this one is late 90's. These are amazing piece for strong attraction and wishes and make my arm go numb, so they will take some getting used to. There are two kata for these pieces, one for the item and one to LP Pina himself as this aids connection to the piece. The offerings are like all good amulets except this also likes a periodic spray of perfume and white flowers when you have the chance.

These are very special and the 'stone' at the front is a 'lightning stone' made from metal that has been struck by lightning, which renders it supernatural and especially good for wealth attraction. Luang Phoir would place a box of these metal seeds near a place on the hill behind the temple where lightning often struck.

Measures 1.3". It would be difficult find a better amulet and this is cased in gold, which is almost pure in Thailand. I also kept the biggest one so there is more gold here for the same price.

A Super Rare 3 Lady Prai Luk Om by Luang Phor Pina in Gold

  • A Luk Om is simply a ball of materials but the magical quality of these can be astonishing, depending on the maker and the contents of the piece. The better the maker, the strong the contents, the better the Luk Om is.