This site is going to offer a few options for Miit Mhor as they are a popular item and it is difficult to find potent examples. Many of the knives online are copies that have had no blessing although the copy itself has often been made in the correct way and includes Lek Nam Phi, which works well for Miit Mhor. This example is a country style magic knife that blew my socks off when I first held it, which is typical of the work of Ajarn Tui.

There is no finesse with this knife, it is function over form. There is no decoration on the blade, handle or scabbard but what there is is a good mix of spiritual metals, which includes prai metals, and a horn handle that carries a mix of male prai and specific herbs. The rod of prai metal in the pic was gnarly, very potent and the pic of it does not do it justice as to how scary or forceful it was, and this is now what the knife is mostly made of. It was a rod that had been used for a long time to stick into bodies to turn them during a traditional cremation. Added to this mix is a single hair from the renowned monk and the knife was then blessed purely for protection and the pushing away of all malicious forces to the point where it can also be used to create a protected environment wherever you are. The scabbard is made of wood but again, it has zero decoration and doesn't even fit well.

When held, this knife feels like an extention of the arm like no other I have held. The blade is super sharp but please avoid being cut with it as you may bleed for a long time. You will also have to keep the blade clean and well oiled (sesame oil is a good choice with a spiritual knife) or it will rust but all in all, this is an incredible item, both strong and functional. The knife can be used to cut bonds, bind, bless and even make blessed water to sprinkle round the home. It can create boundaries, which is useful in the home and the bedroom round the bed and its usage will expand as you begin to understand what this can do.

I love the work of Ajarn Tui, it is so strong and functional and more photos of the knife will follow once I pick up the latest second batch.

Measures 13.5" in the scabbard and I have included a little extra cost due to the increased cost of posting for an item such as this. The knife will be sent 'locked', in that the blade is pushed down in the scabbard so lift the handle to release when you receive this piece.

Knives such as this have a value beyond what they cost. It also has a great kata and there is a ritual to perform when bringing this into the home for the first time.

Has to be sent by courier.

For Payment - Paypal payments now have a 7% sales tax due to changes in Paypal Thailand. Payments are also accepted through WISE via the email, which has no fee and you only send the cost of the item plus postage.
Standard trackable registered Post ($14) is now available to the USA, Europe, the UK, and Australia for parcels up to the value of $200 but please be aware that things may slow due to Covid outbreaks. ALL orders over $200 and those to Canada, Japan, and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($53.50) and it gets there in 5 to 9 days.
If wanting another system in Asia, please write to me and we can work it out.

A Superb 13.5" Prai Miit Mhor by Ajarn Tui

  • A Miit Mhor is a spiritual knife that has the power to break bonds, bind and create areas of protection because these knives repel all negative forces. The best of these are spectacularly strong items and their only limitations as a tool is dictated by the level of the magician. As always, connection and ability is the key.