The Luk Krok is a legendary item that attracts great fortune and is a rare and efficient amulet from Thailand's strongly magical past. The spell can be applied to many creatures as long as they died in the womb and each creature brings a different mix of properties on top of the great wealth attribute they are famous for.

This is a stunning Luk Krok Meow that looks like it is covered with a thin film to replicate it still being in the womb. I have never seen this before but it works as an effect and this talisman is renowned for great fortune and extreme protection, like having a little tiger in the home.

This has been sold on from the contents of Ajarn Bess's Samnak after he died around 10 years ago. He was highly regarded even at a young age and died under mysterious circumstances in a car accident where no one else was hurt. His items now have avid collectors (mostly ladies) and very little makes it to the site but as I have two of these it might last more than a few hours. The amulets of Ajarn  Bess ROCK, and this has now been cased in silver too.

Measures 2.9" in an incredible silver case.

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A Superb Luk Krok Meow by Ajarn Bess in silver (2009)

  • The Luk Krok Meow - an interview by Ajarn Perm Rung

    The Luk Krok Meow is popular because the character of a cat is adored and they have an imploring nature. It is like when you have a cat, and it always comes to be around you and rubs your legs, it makes people want to play with it, take care of it and hold it, which can be seen as very strong Metta from the cat. In Thai culture, a cat is compared to a novice monk as they are both harmless and have innocence. There is a saying that anyone who can kill a cat can kill a novice monk, branding the killer of either as a vicious person. How can someone harm a cat or a novice monk? This is an apt met- aphor for the levels of Metta that a Luk Krok Meow can bring to its owner.

    Other parts of a cat are also used in magic. The umbilical cord is considered to be the most difficult item to attain because if a kitten dies at birth the mother will eat the kitten, and the cord but sometimes, they carry it and give it their owner. If the Luk Krok Meow has an umbilical cord, it will make someone exceptionally lucky, enhancing the usual levels of Chok Laap that comes with this amulet.

    When making a Luk Krok Meow, the cat has to die naturally, which is the same with other animals that can be turned into amulets such as scorpions, centipedes and two-tailed gecko’s. Luk Krok’s can also be made from pig’s, birds, bats, tigers and bears. Any animal can be used, but the finished result depends on what magical attributes the Ajarn puts in them as well as the personality or nature of the animal itself. For instance, with the Luk Krok Tiger, besides the usual Metta and Chok Laap comes Maha Amnat and Serm Baramee (a raising of your prestige), which follows people’s view of this animal. The bat is a favourite for the people who work at night, and with the pig, the bearer can attain all the good things in life with ease, which comes from a saying about the pig in Thai, that everything is easy.

    To praise the Luk Krok Meow, treat it like a real cat. Give it water or milk and either cat food or fish, whichever is easy. Say the kata and make wishes for protection, luck and attraction. They can be extremely rewarding talismans. (The Thai Occult Book p448)