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A Ball of Maekasit Mercury Amalgam by Phra Ajarn O
This is one of the legendary mercury amalgams in this region and has been used for a very long time in the central areas of Thailand, which has some famous examples. This mixture is a combination of mercury and spiritual iron, iron that has been used in a temple or spiritual place and it now means that I can think of at least 10 forms of mercury Palaut that can be made (but that probably means there are dozens!).
This is to be carried with you by either having it as part of a ring or necklace. Whenever the Maekasit shines with a beautiful colour, it means that it is a time of ‘good fate’ and good luck but if it is dull, it is a time to be cautious. At times like this it is particularly important to be careful when travelling however, Phra Ajarn O said that this Maekasit can reverse it by putting the Maekasit into water, wishing for good luck and drink the water to bring safety and good luck (it is safe to do this). The Maekasit supports your destiny, lifting the life into a better place, so when you are up, your are more up but when your destiny falls, it is not to the degree it should fall at that time.
This ball of mercury amalgam comes with Phra Ajarn O’s ‘Emperor Ball’ so it can be easily worn round the neck and viewed through the Swastika on the front. This ball carries many Western magical symbols, something which Phra Ajarn is interested in and it is made of Samlit metal, which is famous for its ability to carry a spiritual charge. The ball itself is etched with a Yant and some script and the energy from it runs up my arm when held. These amalgams also bring a calmness to life, which I have found particularly useful and Phra Ajarn O is the best at these items that I know of.

The Emperor Ball measures 1" and is the work of a Master of Thai and Burmese Magic.

A Superb Maekasit Mercury Amalgam in Swastika Case by Phra Ajarn O LAST ONE