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A good Miit Mhor is an essential tool to any magician as they are used to bind, cut, seal, break or banish ghosts, and this one is special as it has come from a very famous monk in Chiang Mai, Luang Phor Saneah, one of the teachers of Ajarn Apichai!

This magician's knife is from 4 year old stock but there is no deterioration to the knife at all, it is also sharp! It comes in a wood sheath with his name and temple etched on one side and a bulls head on the other, with a comfortable handle and the blade is superb! Sharp too, which i know some people prefer as well as the knife having some weight to it. It has been made from steel that includes the hinges from an old Wat and a multitude of steel Takrut specially written for the prupose. It is well scripted on both sides of the blade and is also numbered - 68 of 99 made. A fantastic piece at a very reasonable price considering the quality and the renown of LP Saneah.

The knife measures 10" and is ready to use, no kata is necessary for this but I will teach you the ritual as to how to make this knife 'yours'.


A Superb Miit Mhor from Luang Phor Saneah

  • A Miit Mhor knife is an essential tool to all Thai magicians. It is used to seal, bind, cut and bond through magical tasks, repels bad ghosts and is a strong form of protection. Good ones are hard to find as these knives should have weight and be fit for purpose.