This is from an issue made 7 years ag by a renowned old maker called Ajarn Khun Kham, who passed a way a number of years ago. His specialty was producing amulets dedicated to the Thai versions of the hierarchy of the Hindu deities and his Kali was awesome but just missed the last one. This Ganesh is also amazing and from the same series and is fronted by a fine enamel panel to show an amazing Ganesh (Picanet in Thai) in his dancing form with 12 arms. It is an exceptional image.

The back has an old matrix into which has been pressed a white gem, two Takrut and a phial of herbal mixture and that's it, but what a wonderful piece this is. In the Thai Occult practices it is interesting to note that there is a substantial amount of Wicha dedicated to Ganesh, way more than any other deity. This amulet grants all the attributes because it is from a high god and with being from a top maker it has the capability of changing a persons life.

It measures just over 2.1" and comes with only the Namo Dtassa kata.

A beautiful amulet.

A Superb Old Issue Ganesh Amulet by Ajarn Khun Kham

  • There is still much of the original influence from India in the Thai Occult system and amulets to Ganesh, Shiva, Kali and most of the other Indian gods are produced from time to time. They carry most of the attributes in the same way as the high Buddhist pieces.

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