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This is an exceptional old issue Kuman Thong from around 5 years ago from Kruba Boonma of Lamphun, who is a famous old Lanna monk. The front of the enamel panel has Lanna script at the top and Khom script around the bottom and a great image of a real Kuman in the middle, who has plenty of attitude.

The back is beautiful. It has a central Kuman figure, two Takrut, red gems, a lead plate and two bone chips from a child pressed into a dark matrix that contains the earths from 7 graveyards. I adore this old type of Kuman that shows off its prai with pride.

Measures 2.15" and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata. The care needed for a Kuman is not too bad, he just likes a bit of attention as well as sweet drinks, toys etc.

For great fortune and wishes.

A Superb Old Issue Kuman Thong Amulet by Kruba Boonma

  • The Kuman Thong is perhaps the most famous Thai amulet and its use and construction dates back beyond recorded history. Famous for bringing great fortune, wishes and protection.