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Palaut Khrau are rare to find, originated in the region of Burma and this one has the best sound of any I have found before, it is very noisy and has been admired by collectors of these items.

A Palaut Khrau is a ball of metal that has a ball of special metal inside that consists of a mix of gold, mercury, bronze, lead, steel, and many other metals, depending on the maker (Palaut is the Thai name for Mercury). Having held quite a few, the inside ball has to roll around inside the outside sphere, for the feeling to work properly when the devotee is walking or moving. The action of these is very strong, akin to a strong Takrut and take a few days to get used to. With this one, the sound is awesome, like ciccadas screaming, mimicking the sound of nature as a warning.

These items are mostly for protection and have an element of forewarning from the sound they make, which I am sure comes sometimes with no movement of the ball. Old ones are often found in the ground of temples or ancient market areas and they are decidedly odd. Few people make these now, and the old ones can be very expensive depending on the sound it makes and the source.

The ball measures 1.25" and it has an old style woven woire and thread holder. Will also add a belt loop for the buyer to wear it on the belt.

A Superb Old Palaut Khrau for protection and foresight