The description of Phaya Leklai from an on book, translated by Bon.

Leklai Yoi (also known as Phaya Leklai) can be found in caves and is like a stalagtite of Leklai that is drawn from the cave walls and roofs. It can be found in long strands and has many variations in the colours shown in the sheens from the black of the Leklai. This type of Leklai will not ‘eat’ honey and it is believed to have a forest spirit living within it. It does not expand or shrink and has no effect when burned in fire. This is not a magnetic Leklai and it bestows the power of agility to avoid gunshots and knives through its illusionary qualities. This Leklai is often sought out by the makers of amulets and is especially good for Metta Mahaniyom, the avoidance of dangers and invincibility. When blessed properly it can also stop the combustion of gunfire and explosions and only a fully trained Master can cut and shape this.

This type of Leklai is very popular in Burma and is often used for making Buddha amulets that have the same powers as mentioned above, invincibility, protection and illusion, making it good for soldiers and policemen or any job that involves physical danger.

Good Leklai is becoming very difficult to find and this is an older piece from Luang Phor Huan of Ayuthaya, who is a legend with Leklai and is still around in his 90's. He is actually a student of Luang Phor Derm, one of the top monks of the 20th Century. Top Leklai should shimmer on photos and be difficult to focus on. It is mysterious and is now very difficult to source because there are few who can cut it and shape it correctly. More will follow with interviews on Leklai in the future but for now if we can perceive that it has a spirit and feels otherworldly, it is a good Leklai. Soon we should be able to distinguish between a full Leklai and a Leklai ore, with the latter being way easier to find. The ore has Leklai as an ingredient that has then been mixed either with Muan Sarn or other forms of Leklai and had the specific Leklai blessing applied, along with inviting the correct spirit into it. The main attribute that comes with this type of Leklai is Klaew Klaat (impenetrable skin) and Kong Grapan invincibility and it brings the Earth element. If needing to check your 4 elements, Ajarn Apichai can answer this as part of an astrology reading to enable the best choice of Leklai for each person.

This has been cased in gold to highlight the beauty of this piece (and it kinda wanted it) and measures 1" and comes with the Namo Dtassa chant. It is a remarkable piece but most of the price is for the 98.8% pure Thai gold, which adds such beauty.

Legendary magic.

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A Superb Phaya Leklai by Luang Phor Huan in gold

  • Leklai is one of the legendary substances used in The Thai Occult practices and there appears to be many types. Some are metallic and have good weight, and some are light, almost like a weird form of jet and a lot more work needs to be done on this subject.

    There appear to be many forms of Leklai, but it usually looks like a metallic element that is considered a living being of the Deva classification but a Deva that has been born on Earth. There are many varieties of this substance available on the market and more continually comes to light but much of it is of a dubious nature. Some of it resembles Haematite as it becomes like a mirror when polished and it also possesses magnetic qualities that are helpful to health. Other forms look like a meteorite, and still, another looks like a conglomerate of small black crystals, which has lead to confusion in this field as they all purport to serve a similar function for the bearer. Having handled many Leklai amulets, it is the opinion of the author that it can be placed into two categories. Firstly, a metallic and magnetic mineral that can be used by the makers to help cleanse the body, much in the same way as the plethora of magnetic amulets available in the world today and secondly, true Leklai, which can be from many sources and of many types. It can come in many colours and must have a property that is supernatural, in that it does not conform to the laws of nature. (The Thai Occult Book p456)

    The legend of Leklai has been carried to the present day from centuries past. It was mentioned in many old stories as an amulet for invincibility and the power of protection but it is also more than that. Leklai comes in many shapes, forms and colours and it is known in Thai as Thaat Gayasit, which translates as the body of the magical element, magic, miraculous, supernatural. Leklai is considered to be alive because in Thai it has ‘jit’ which means both a spirit and living but this is then split into two categories, as some have a spirit and some do not. This can be compared to a tree in the forest in Thailand, not every tree has a spirit in it but they are all alive. Spirit can be found as a physical living thing or as a spirit with no shape or form. Some spirits are believed to be powerful with a will of their own and some decide to reside in a stone or in a cave. These spirits consist of the four elements of earth, water, wind and fire and they can become Thaat Gayasit (Leklai) which are created in nature and have their own magical power.