Amulets to any of the top Weiza magicians of Burma are rare and this is a classic of its type. It comes from Ajarn See Ong (the 2nd photo), who is an Ajarn associated with the Cult of this top Weiza who you see represented everywhere in Burma. Ajarn See Ong is not to be confused with Kruba See Ong who produces the best affordable mercury Datlon but they are both part of Pu Pu Ong's cult.

The amulet consists of a fine enamel panel showing Pu Pu Ong with two other Weiza, one above each shoulder. The rear is beautiful as the matrix used in pink and into it has been pressed a Yaa mixture for Pu Pu Ong that brings health and good fortune and a real silver Takrut for activation. As is usual, there is no kata with this Burmese piece, which is akin to wearing a magician Buddha.

Top stuff.

The amulet measures 2.15" and comes with the original box.

I adore Burmese magic.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz, The Philippines and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($50)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else but do check.

A Superb Pu Pu Ong Amulet by Ajarn See Ong - Burmese Magic

  • Burmese magic is both mysterious and potent with different ways than their Thai neighbours. Much of the magic comes from the cults of the Weiza and involves mercury and strange techniques. There are also few amulets produced from the systeem and I endeavor to find what is available as there are devoted fans of this system.