The Taa Phran family of deities is from Southern Thai magic and this is a type of Phran Bun known as Phran Dam, and this is an older one from the collection of Ajarn Plian, one of the Masters of the Nora magic of the South. The family of types of Taa Phran are quite unlike other deities and seem more like potent land spirits that have been raised to deities. They are firmly rooted in the Southern Thai traditions and culture and are currently very popular for great fortune in Thailand.

This one has been carved by hand from Takien wood, and then blessed with applied Yants by Ajarn Plian, and it is oddly potent. This one of Phran Dam is an underworld Phran Bun that is around 20 years old and Phran Dam protects from dark magic but brings money, great fortune and business by praising him.

The ones made from wood are rare and the ones from Takien wood the most rare of all (it is often Kanun wood). They can be used for blessing other people and act as a great bucha for the altar. Each type comes with their own kata and they all enjoy the usual offerings with cigarettes and alcohol on special occasions.

The wood of this mask measures 8.6" and it is a rare and remarkable piece. You don't see many masks like this.

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A Superb Takien Wood Phran Dam Mask from Ajarn Plian

  • The Taa Phran family of deities is from Southern Thai magic and they form the centre of an ancient belief system that is still practiced to this day.