A Hoon Payon is one of my favourite amulets as well as the first Thai amulet I had, and this one is very special indeed because it is an old issue from the superb Phra Ajarn Supasit. This was released around 5 years ago and the figure is carved from an ancient Takien wood coffin lid that was found on an island in a river near to Chiang Rai and Phra Ajarn produced a large range of amulets from it. The amulet consists of the carved figure of a man who has some Sai Sin thread around him and a lead takrut round his wrist. Underneath is a plag of prai and the oil he is set in has both prai and shavings of the coffin lid itself. This amulet has life and is ready to serve as your protector by providing a second body for anything to attack, being it ghosts, bad fortune, danger or whatever. The Hoon Payon insulates us from the dangers of the world while allowing the good fortune to flow and they are an amazing invention that have been made since ancient times.

Measures 2.1" and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Ancient magic.

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A Takien Wood Hoon Payon Prai Amulet by Phra Ajarn Supasit

  • The Hoon Payon is a type of spirit that mirrors the bearer and provides a second body that is then attacked by outside influences, rather than the bearer. One of my favourite Thai amulets as they both protect and block out bad fortune, allowing the good fortune to flow.