A Takrut to Raise your Astrology by Ajarn Apichai
The knowledge for this Takrut comes from the Wicha of Luang Phor Suk and Ajarn Apichai makes these for each person who asks. This one is for a friend in the USA (the smudged area is his name) who has some terrible astrology on the way, as many people currently do too.
Each aspect of the persons astrology is calculated and raised through this Takrut and every Takrut is as individual as the devotee who purchases it. The Takrut is designed to raise each aspect of our astrology, our safety, health, avoidance of dangers, good fortune, relationships etc and at times like this it is a very useful tool.
Ajarn says that this should be worn at times of difficult astrology but can be worn all the time if you feel it is necessary. Even though it will be cased it also has another use as it can be left in a bucket of water for a while and then bathe with that water outside while facing the setting sun. During this time, focus on what you wish to change in your astrology and the help you need and it will have an effect.
The idea to make this came from talking to Ajarn about the difficulties many people are facing at this time, but there will be a slight delay in sending as the Takrut takes time to construct.
Another piece of great magic to help our lives from Ajarn Apichai and he just needs your full name, date of birth (in words please as some countries put the month first) and the time because the time difference may mean that you have the astrology for a different day here.
Then we can go ahead and make this.
I adore the ideas Ajarn Apichai has to bring magic to our lives and help us with the problems we face.
This can be sent either as just the takrut so you can make baths or casedin plastic, which I will add for free. If you want it open cased in silver it is an extra $50.

A Takrut to raise your Astrology by Ajarn Apichai