I love simple amulets that bring efficient purpose and these fulfil that role. They are amulets that are made from Tektite, stones from the sky, from the heavens that fall to earth for the benefit of mankind that have been blessed by Ajarn Suea.

Tektites can be considered to be a form of Leklai, which is considered to be one of the most powerful of all Thai Amulets and it is believed that it can release magic powers in in a variety of ways BUT IT HAS TO BE BLESSED to work, and these got an extra blessing from Ajarn. Leklai helps by protecting the worshipers from danger, accident, enemies, dangerous animals, ghosts etc  Helps the owner be shielded from black magic and any bad things that come to life and in response, brings good luck, wealth and great fortune. It's most famous attribute to also to protect the body from being pierced by weapons by flowing to that spot and is known to cause guns to misfire.

For me it is an important item because by blocking out the negative it allows the natural good luck of people to flow.

A functional amulet that measures 1.6" and the kata is simply Namo Dtassa.

I managed to get 5 more.

A Tektite Leklai for Health and Protection by Ajarn Suea LAST ONE

  • Leklai is one of the legendary substances in The Thai Magical practices and there are many varieties of it. Mainly, it is for protection of the bearer but there is also a strong health element to it.