This is a potent centipede amulet direct from the Samnak of Ajarn Suea in Chiang Mai, who is one of the best creators of Pure Animist magic in Thailand. It is also bloody huge and terrifying, which is why it is slightly more expensive than my last example.

Everyone is scared of centipedes as they are aggressive when cornered and can giive a nasty bite. They also bring forth a deep rooted fear from their movement and reflect our primordial fears that go to our very core. Centipedes amulets are for knocking back black magic and all forms of curses, as well as banishing ghosts and repelling negative influences. They clear the way for an easier life and are quite wonderful items that are now quite hard to find, especially when this good. This is a potent amulet.
This amulet measures 3.2" and comes with the makers card and kata.

Superb traditional magic.

A Terrifying Huge Centipede Amulet by Ajarn Suea

  • There are many forms of magic in the Lanna region that use animal parts, although the animal cannot be killed specifically for them or the magic does not work. They have to be found dead and a centipede is a very strong form of the animist magic of the region.

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