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Due to moving home and refreshing my altar, I am letting go of a few more pieces from my collection of the items of the legendary Luang Phor Pina, my favourite maker from the world of Thai Occultism. LP Pina was a maverick who came from a time when supernatural materials were so readily available that he could make amulets that were up to 80% pure flesh and there were many of these available when the last custodian of Wat Sanomlao passed away. They have now all gone.

His most famous prai items were those that contain the flesh from a nun (although he did use more than one nun) that died in an accidenta and her flesh smelled so sweet that these items are called Mae Nua Hom (mother with the sweet smelling flesh). Mae Nua Hom amulets are generally Dao (Star) or Duang Taa (Eye of Fortune) amulets but he also used it in many other more unusual piece and this is one of them.

This magical relic consists of a piece of tyurtle shell that he sealed underneath with rough aluminium and then added a Mae Nua Hom mix before coating the piece in gold leaf. The feeling from this is exceptional and it dates from the late 80's or early 90's, which is his classic period for producing astonishing talismans.

It is the only one of this type I have ever come across and I highly doubt whether I will be able to find many more of his best pieces (although I have just one more 3 lady Luk Om to list that I was going to keeep but it is also being passed on).

Measures just over 4" and comes on the cord I attached to it.

For great fortune and strong Saneah.

A Turtle Shell and Mae Nua Hom Prai Relic by Luang Phor Pina

  • Luang Phor Pina is my favourite maker of wonderfully odd Prai items and I am selling the final few pieces from my collection due to moving home. He produced some of the finest Prai Talismans in the history of Thai Occultism on a par with the legendary Luang Phor Timm.