Kruba Thamunee is a famous maker from around 6 years ago when his works were highly sought after but I have not seen much by him this last couple of years. This amulet is his twin Luk Krok Thep (angel) and even though it carries a good magical force it holds no Luk Krok materials, but does have prai Kuman powders, which makes it like many old amulet types.

This amulet consists of a cast twin figure of Luk Krok Twins from Samlit metal. The amazing thing with a great maker is his ability to highly charge simple metal pieces as these have life even with the smallest amount of prai. I also love the way the oil plays around them, like  the oil has life too. The oil contains Waan 108 oil from the top Saneah plants and the oil from an elephant in rut. The twins have been bound with the thread from a funeral and this is such a simple amulet will scare most people and yet it brings protection, good fortune, and protects that fortune as well as Saneah and Metta.

Measures 2" and comes with the makers card and kata. This amulet is old style and requires you to burn 16 incense to the land spirits to request permission for it to enter the home.

Top magic.

A Twin Luk Krok Amulet by Kruba Thamunee

  • A Luk Krok Thep is not a traditional Luk Krok but it carries the angel of a Luk Krok. These can eb single body or twins and are a legendary item in The Thai occult.

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