The Inn Khoo is one of the more ancient forms of magic, with stories in the legend of Khun Paen detailing how the ingredients were mixed in a skull and the bound figure buried close to the house to enchant those who visited.

This is a stunning Inn Khoo from the wonderful Ajarn Suea of Chiang Mai. This Inn Khoo amulet is made up of two bound wooden figures that have been carved from a Red Wood tree branch that had been used for suicides by hanging and had to be cut down. To the rear of the amulet is the activation Takrut, which was drawn while resting on a lady's vagina and then the loving couple were placed in an oil for Saneah. It is a stunning piece of effective love magic and the use of supernatural materials. The feeling of this amulet is spot on.

It measures 2.75" tall and comes with Ajarn's card and Kata.

A Vagina Takrut Inn Khoo Amulet by The Mighty Ajarn Suea

  • The Inn Khoo is an ancient invocation to bring a lover to you and the more powerful the Ajarn is and the better the supernatural materials present, the more effective it is. Ancient love magic.

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