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The Nam Man Mae Prai Sai Faa by Ajarn Apichai - very rare Prai

Being struck and killed by lightning is a rare event but some places are more prone to it than others (Isaan for one - NE Thailand). This incredibly rare form of Prai came through Ajarn Nan Ting as he has cleared his Samnak of Prai due to studying the magic of the Sui Yin Jor Burmese sect. When first seeing it I was told that the bottle in the pic held the brain of a lady called Paen who was struck on the head by lightning and killed instantly in Kengtung, Burma, directly North of Thailand. This creates incredibly potent prai as she has been killed in an instant by nature itself.

I gave the bottle to Ajarn Apichai to deal with and asked him for an amulet of the brain and amulets using the oil but it turned out that the brain was wrapped in a piece of her shroud although the oil also had small crumbs of it. There is one amulet that contains the brain piece (which is sold) and 5 with the oil, that now have Takruts to boost and control the power within. That difference can be felt between the two amulets, the oil and the brain piece as the one with the brain is wilder than the others.

The description from Ajarn Apichai - This has been made from the brain of Prai that died by lightning. It has the Takrut Huajai Nang Prai and has been blessed to have a spirit body. It can help protect against any dangers from enemies, make them confused or create an incident to make them not be able to harm you. It can protect against evil spirits to make them afraid of you and a request can be made to it to protect the house and the business place. Traditionally, the brain from a source such as this also brings clairvoyance to the bearer and is one of the most sought after forms of Prai there is.

These measure 1.75” and come with Ajarns card and kata.

Incredibly rare prai magic.

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The Nam Man Mae Prai Sai Faa by Ajarn Apichai - very rare Prai - LAST THREE

  • Yes, the brain from some forms of death can be used as Prai but it has to be from a very potent form, such as being killed by nature itself or an unusual form of child prai. Being killed by nature enhances all the parts of the body but for the brain to be useful the person has to be struck on the head or shoulders.

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