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It is difficult to find this old issue (4 years ago) of an amulet to Mae Takien from one of my favourite makers, Luang Phor Amant, whose Thai Boxer Hoon Payon was my first amulets. Mae Takien is the spirit that lives in the Takien tree and she holds the power of strong enchantment, great fortune and attraction.

The amulet has been hand carved from Takien wood, has been painted, had gems inserted and even has a dress made of material. It was originally part of a run of 199 (this is number 175) and each one was different, which highlights the hand made nature of this piece. The base holds some prai, earths and two silver Takrut for activation and a better Mae Takien would be hard to find. I adore the tree spirit amulets as they carry the power of nature itself. A rare piece.

It is a large piece at 4.5" and I can provide a belt loop to allow it to be worn on the waist, should you wish. It comes with the card of LP Amnat and his kata.

I wish he had made bucha to Mae Takien! This is superb work.

A Wonderful Mae Takien Prai Amulet by Luang Phor Amnat

  • The Takien tree is famous in Thailand for holding a particularly strong spirit that is superb for enchantment, protection and good fortune but wood amulets to her are rare as the tree is protected.