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This is a superb Phra Ngang Prai from a Master of Phra Ngang, the reclusive Ajarn Phrot of Phitsanulok, who specialises in hand made pieces and takes considerable time to make them. This is one of his more affordable pieces as his prices can be high and its simplicity is its beauty. It is a white Phra Ngang with red eyes, a black hat and a Yant Na on the front and back. It has been made from an earth, herb and female bone powder mixture and had a Takrut inserted to activate the piece, which is so roughly made that you can see Ajarns finger print on the back. I adore the work of Ajarn Phrot and he is famous for the efficiency of his works.
One of a Phra Ngang's characteristics is he is the one to turn to when in difficulty, especially for those of us from the fringes of society. He brings strong sexual attraction, protection and wishes to your life but also offers great fortune and is able to work as a kind of spiritual loan shark, helping you out for the payment of merit later. My favourite deity for a wildly spiritual life.
This amulet measures 2.4" and comes with the makers kata. A Superb Ngang!

A Wonderful Phra Ngang Prai Amulet by Ajarn Phrot

  • Phra Ngang is a very popular deity that helps with all wishes, Maha Saneah and Chok Larb (wealth) and is regarded as the closest to the human heart, so easy to connect with.