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This is an incredibly good idea! Typical of Ajarn Perm Rung, who is always coming up with something interesting, especially with his Tiger magic. He has managed to source Tiger Fur balls, which the Tiger produces in the same way as any cat and then he has applied tiger magic to the ball. The great thing about this is that it has been inside the Tiger, which strengthens the magic and then Ajarn has applied the spells for  authority, protection and impenetrable skin to help the bearer.
These amulets really suit people who are trying to climb out of a difficult period in life or those who are already in a position of authority. Traditionally, these are not good for those born in the year of the Tiger or Cow but they can serve a highly beneficial purpose in life when we need a lift.
This amulet measures 2" and comes with the makers card and kata. Highly recommended.

A Wonderful Tiger Fur Ball Amulet by Ajarn Perm Rung

  • There are many forms of Tiger magic in Thailand and many Ajarns fill the need of Maha Amnat in people's lives.

  • I offer a 30 days return policy with a refund on receipt of the item but for some items I cannot do that as they need blessing again by the maker, some of whom I do not know personally. This is a problem with spiritual items but I will always endeavor to help where I can.