The 5 Lady Ghosts of Phor Sala Tan

Phor Sala Tan taught many Ajarns about his ghosts and how to use ghosts safely, including Ajarn Tay, Ajarn Nahn Ting and Ajarn Piyasitti, and I found these in Ajarn Piya's cupboards. He made an amulet to each of the ladies and was the only person to do so, which makes these special. The names for the 5 lady ghosts, all of them who died while pregnant and are considered to be some of the most effective ghosts in the history of Lanna magic.

From Left to Right Far Left - Mae Gahlong Then Mae Prai Meui - who was actually Phor Sala Tan's first lady and is considered the strongest. In the middle - Mae Moi Then Mae Wan Naa And on the right, Mae Teng Some of the names are Burmese and hard to pronounce so I will keep the recording of Ajarn Piya passing on the info.
The price is for each of the 5 amulets available and I am going to keep these available till his cupboards are empty as these are very special items. The back of each has three phials of Nam Man Prai, the outside two are to the 5 ladies but the middle one is the the lady who the amulet is dedicated to. These ghosts can work individually but it is more like a different one becomes the leader of the pack with the other four backing her up. The back also contains a small piece of their original corpse cloth, a twig, 4 white stones and two Takrut for activation. The bone powder of Phor Sala Tan is in the matrix and it acts as control.

These are Nang Prai ghosts and are famous for bringing wishes, attraction, protection and great fortune. THE classic ghosts in the Occult of Northern Thailand.

They measure 2.5" and you can use either Ajarn Piya's kata or the kata of Phor Sala Tan.

Fabulous work from just after the old Master died.

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Amulets to the 5 Lady Ghosts of Phor Sala Tan by Ajarn Piya

  • Phor Sala Tan worked with some incredibly strong ghosts and is famous for that fact but his primary source of power were his 5 ladies, all of whom died while pregnant.