Luang Phor Pina is my spiritual hero and this amulet was made to commemorate him after his death in 2002. This is what is known as a Roop of Luang Phor because Roop is the counting classifier in the language and this is a very old style piece. It is a fine amulet to my spiritual hero that can no longer be found and I have open cased it with a wrapping of silver.

This was cast from metals from his old temple and includes old hinges and broken  or damaged statues, all of which were under the influence of the energy of Luang Phor.  Underneath you may be able to see one of his lightning balls of metal, which were  left in piles around a metal rod on the hill behind the temple, which was prone to lightning strikes (see last pic). Luang Phor would collect these and bless them, and one has  been inserted underneath along with some of his Pong powders. These are the powders that resulted from him writing magic in chalk and these are deceptively strong. The whole piece  brings Metta and protection from all negative forces and I only have 2 in this style, so get them while you can.

Luang Phor Pina was a tough man, utterly fearless and he made some of the best prai amulets of recent decades. For his Tudong, which is when a monk will walk the wilds and test their Samathi, he walked to India, and this was in the 60's through the jungles and dangerous places at that time. After a long life in support of his devotees and building 31 temples, he was finally diagnosed with terminal lung cancerin 2001 and he settled down to sort out his affairs and then meditate through his own death, which is the famous image on the front of this large enamel locket. Word quickly spread about this and the fact that he was sat next to a date on a board that foresaw the time of his death and he was announced as an Arahant (a Buddhist Saint) shortly before his passing.

One of his instructions was that his body should be kept and used in support of his temple, Wat Sanomlao and the large statues there contain part of him. A huge one has now been made, which will carry most of his remaining skeleton because others there already contain his leg bones.

The amulet provides connection to the Old Master Monk and brings great fortune, protection from malicious forces and from all harm. It is the last I have been able to find and have had this for a couple of years. A classic of its type. When I wear mine the doors open in Thailand as they love people who understand these pieces and the access to the community that they grant.

Measures 1.3" in its silver wrapping and comes with the kata to him. It will also be sent with the original temple box for authenticity.

Sathu! Sathu! Sathu!

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An Amulet to Luang Phor Pina in silver 2002

  • Luang Phor Pina was a disciple of the legendary Ajarn Man and followed a life of both spiritual and magical dedication, producing some of the wildest prai amulets that can be found.