These are very rare to find now because the time taken to complete a shirt of this kind usually runs to 2 or 3 days. The is a hand drawn Yant Shirt from the Master of Yantra, Ajarn Daeng of Chiang Mai and it is in the Lanna script. The Yantra has been drawn onto a white shirt that would be worn by a lay person entering the temple to do a Vipassana course or to work at the temple as an act of tamboon. Ajarn Daeng has spent time to produce correct and original Yantra that works together to provide the attributes given by each, to the point where this fizzes in my hands.

On the shirt there is a Yant Soi Sang Wan, a Paed Tidt Itipiso, a 29 peaks, a liion Yant for Amnat,a Hanuman, a wonderful Phra Pidtaa and many constructions that are designed for eithe Amnat or Kong Grapan.

It is wonderful and a large size too.

Don't wash it with too much detergent and it should stand a light wash by hand but personally, i would use it on my altar and wear it in the house when I want to feel the strength of magic from Ajarn Daeng.

An Astonishing Hand Drawn Sua Yant by Ajarn Daeng

  • A Pha Yant is a cloth that has been printed with kata and scripts of invocation to bring attributes to where ever it is hung.

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