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There are some remarkable makers in the viscinity of Chiang Mai and I am slowly discovering where they are and what aspect of magic they are best at. This pair of amulets (yes, 2 for the price listed that are cased separately but hung together so you can see the inside spells) are made from carved one eye coconuts by the renowned Kruba Boonlert. These are stunning Rahu and the imagery on them is both highly unusual and artistically stunning! There are many images used for Rahu amulets but to make them in pairs is the Lanna way, one each to the Sun and the Moon and are especially active on fthe full moon or an eclipse.

The front is hand carved to show a weird figure embracing the moon and starting to eat it and the dealer said that it is an old image of Rahu himself. Sometimes you have a rabbit and a peacock on the front to denote the sun and the moon but here both images are the same, a gold figure on a red background. The spell inside is different for each and these pairs are known in the region as Tau Mia and Tau Puu, male and female versions of Rahu that are often referred to as husband and wife but are for the sun and the moon. There are 2 kata with this but not too difficult, and there's also a hand scripted small Rahu Pha Yant from Kruba Boonlert to place him on when not using the amulet. I adore this piece.

These amulets feel alive and they tingle the whole of the body, a sign that the quality of Serm Duang is strong in these. Serm Duang is the attribute of refreshing the lines of fate and lifting the fortunes, something for which Rahu is renowned and it is why the people of this region turn to Rahu when things get tough.

Rahu likes to have offerings on the main days of the phases of the moon (4 per month) and on Buddhist holy days, when he enjoys black foods and candles, the details of which will be given to the buyer - or can be found in my book - The Thai Occult, which is now also available as a pdf. I love Rahu as he is an extremely rewarding deity if praised correctly.

These measure 2.5" and come with Kruba Boonlert's kata. Remarkable pieces.


An Astonishing Pair of Rahu Galaa Amulets by Kruba Boonlert

  • The Rahu talisman is an ancient invocation of Brahmin forces to realign the lines of fate into a more favourable direction. He has specific needs and the best ones are made from one eyed coconut, which can bring a surprising clout to the item. Rarely prai in nature but they can be made from a galaa that has been used in funerary practices of old or to mix materials for spells and incantations.

  • I offer a 30 days return policy with a refund on receipt of the item but for some items I cannot do that as they need blessing again by the maker, some of whom I do not know personally. This is a problem with spiritual items but I will always endeavor to help where I can.