A good Miit Mhor is an essential tool to any magician as they are used to bind, cut, seal, break or banish ghosts, and these are very special indeed as they have been wholly hand made by a magician with ancient knowledge, Ajarn Ting of Chiang Mai.

A foundary made the actual metal knife and rod that inserts into the handle and they followed the correct proceedure for making a Miit Mhor as the metal is made up of spiritually potent materials, which include many 'prai metals'. These have come via Ajarn's job as a traditional undertaker and include the metal rods that they pierce the body with to release gases and turn it over during the cremation. Old tools, an undertakers hammer that breaks the coconut over the face of the dead, scythes and even one of the hooks that is used to pull the body in the fire pit. The gold metal spot is very traditional but now rarely seen and is from an old Buddha statue that was damaged and melted down for this purpose.

There is also something special in the handle to aid the banishing of ghosts. Recently, one of the old chedis by the river in Chiang Mai was renovated and they replaced the metal that covered the top of it. Ajarn put a piece in my hand and man, it was potent and he got enough to add a piece of the metal that has absorbed hundred of years of wishes and spirituality. The handles are also hand made, as are the scabbards and the metal itself also has Lek Nam Phi in it, which helps give it the correct colour.

The knife measures 8.25" and the feeling of it is incredible. It also has a nice weight to it, which in my opinion helps its action for certain jobs as it needs to perform movements associated with the aim of the work There is no kata is necessary for this but there is a ritual for this knife to make it yours, which I will explain to the buyer. This is a superb example of an ancient art.

Miit Mhor are an essential tool for any magician and this is a very very good one.

I love the metal and the way the knife locks when you gently press the handle down. Clicking it up is another traditional aspect of a good Miit Mhor because that it is that sound asserts authority over ghosts. They know what's coming...

Get these while you can.

An Exceptional 8.25" Hand Made Miit Mhor Knife by Ajarn Ting

  • A Miit Mhor knife is an essential tool to all Thai magicians. It is used to seal, bind, cut and bond through magical tasks, repels bad ghosts and is a strong form of protection. Good ones are hard to find as these knives should have weight and be fit for purpose.

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