Amulets to Mae Surasatee are rare but her popularity seems to be rising as people see the changes in fortune that she can bring. This one is from the amazing Ajarn Sala Boon Khong, one of the best magicians who specialise in Burmese magic in the country. The front of the enamel panel is a little too subtle with a fine gold Mae Surasatee on a red background but the back carries the business. What Ajarn has done here is use two potent materials to bring her high attributes (in the bottle) and her mid level ones (the medicine ball). There are many forms of Mae Surasatee magic and this offers the range from the highest deity to the angel of her in the human realm.

Mae Surasatee is the lady that carries the knowledge of Buddhism in her hands while she rides a golden swan (or Duck in Burma) and the amulet has EXACTLY the right feeling for good Burmese magic. She enjoys offerings of honey, bananas and coconuts as well as sweet smelling flowers and sprays of perfume. Mysterious and wonderful magic.

The amulet measures just 2.3" and comes with no kata, just connect to her and keep yourself spiritually clean by saying Namo Dtassa and keeping the 5 precepts, if at all possible.

An Exceptional Amulet to Mae Surasatee by Ajarn Sala Boon Khong

  • Burmese magic is both mysterious and potent with different ways than their Thai neighbours. Much of the magic comes from the cults of the Weiza and involves mercury and strange techniques. There are also few amulets produced from the systeem and I endeavor to find what is available as there are devoted fans of this system.

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