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Amulets to Mae Surasatee are rare but her popularity seems to be rising as people see the changes in fortune that she can bring. This one is from the legenadary Phra Ajarn O and he has used the original mixture of plants and earths that constitutes 'her' mixture, one that can hold her essence well.

Mae Surasatee is the lady that carries the knowledge of Buddhism in her hands while she rides a golden swan (or Duck in Burma). The front of this simply cast piece shows a good representation of this popular Nat and the back is plain except for some Burmese script as these have been sent to the cult of Mae Surasatee in Burma to be specially blessed. This has EXACTLY the right feeling for good Burmese magic and she enjoys offerings of honey, bananas and coconuts as well as sweet smelling flowers. Mysterious and wonderful magic.

The amulet measures just 1.5" and comes with Phra Ajarn's card and kata.

An Exceptional Amulet to Mae Surasatee by Phra Ajarn O - Burmese Magic