This is one of the strongest types of amulets to have, a real Luk Krok Meow, with this one being from a Master of making LKM's, Ajarn Rak of Chiang Mai.

A Luk Krok is made from a still born offspring or one that has died in the womb and the most ferrocious are the human ones, but these are too much for most folk. The Luk Krok's made from Cats are the most popular of this type of spell as cats are the closest to the spirit world while also being close to humans they make us care for them. They have an inherent quality of Metta (it's hard not to love a cat) and can offer extremely strong protection of the home as well as luck, good fortune and wishes.

This amulet consists of a dried and preserved cat that died before birth, and because these are already considered to be supernatural items all this needed was the correct blessing to activate it. Ajarn has added gold leaf as a symbol of the good fortune this talisman brings and has then had it cased. The energy of this LKM is fantastic and it is obvious that this will also be very protective indeed, both for the person and the home. This is the best Luk Krok Meow I have had for some time and it will serve you well.

The offerings to the Luk Krok Meow are the same as for a cat - fish and milk and one incense, and you call the spirit in the same way as you call a cat in Thailand - meow meow meow. I will record how this is said for the buyer.
This comes with the Luk Krok Meow kata and measures 3".

It comes highly recommended as a potent item.

An Exceptional Luk Krok Meow by Ajarn Rak

  • The Luk Krok is an ancient spell that brings forth luck, protection and bounty from a still born fetus with the strength of the magic coming from the life not lived. By far the strongest are the real human Luk Krok's but they are both extremely rare and too much for most. The Luk Krok Meow is the most popular as it is an effient piece of strong magic and you can have a cat as a spirit familiar.

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