This is so insane that I am not sure what to do with it.

I present here one of the wildest See Pung I have ever found and it is from the family of Ajarn Vieng, who was the Master of Ajarn Krit and three other Ajarns I offer the work of. Ajarn Vieng was a Cambodian Master of the Suai Wicha, which is where most of the wild prai on this site originates.

This See Pung Prai is a mixture of the bone powders from 19 pregnant ladies, some of which are 90+ years old because they were collected by Ajarn Vieng's father whereas the rest were collected by Ajarn Vieng himself. This mix has then been added to by Ajarn Krit using other prai to balance the magic and provide one of the strongest see pung I have ever come across.

There is a kata for this which you say when applying to the body and it is placed in a tiny amount on the third eye to be seen and liked by everyone. This is for super saneah and enchantment and I have never had better.

The perspex container measures just over 1.25" and it comes with a kata.

Crazy Prai and a good price to help Ajarn Vieng's family.

Standard registered Post ($10) is now available to the USA, Europe, the UK,  and Australia  for parcels up to the value of $200.

Orders over $200 and those to Canada, Japan, and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($50).
Please write to me if unsure and we can work it out.

An Insane See Pung by Ajarn Vieng and Ajarn Krit LAST 2

  • A See Pung is a balm and they can be of many types. Certain Prai balms cannot be placed on the skin while others can, depending on the Wicha of the Ajarn in question so please read the description carefully. See Pung can help with Love, attraction, trading, business, popularity, Metta and more and they should form a part of a magical life.