These are Luk Om's made from ground up Luk Krok's or the parts of LK's that are not as popular to buy as individual pieces. There is often meat and skin that won't dry well and it is those parts that have been used in this piece. Items like these have to be named by the owner, but the name should be soft and cute as these can be dangerously persistant when given hard or tough names. Also try to make the name be all sexes and then work to connect to it. They like red fanta and sweets and need toys when good. Never offer these blood or alcohol as they are too strong but as a spirit child they are second to none.
Luk Krok’s are legendary for bringing fortune and luck and will help until they achieve enough merit to be born again. They like to be praised with the food as mentioned, have a specific kata and when wishes come true, please make merit for them. As soon as this arrives, give it offerings and kata. As soon as it grants anything, give it merit and in this way, it will be bountiful.

Please light 16 incense to the spirits to open away for a new child spirit. The main thing is to talk to it and treat it like you are its parent to build the bond and from that it will help you. When wishes come true, make merit and think of them in your mind to pass on the merit to aid them in the afterlife and the quicker you do this after good fortune, the better as the spirit will then want more. Merit is like Manna in the afterworld.

This is a nice, simple way to own the products of a LK and I have had a few compliments for this release.

The Luk Om in silver measures 1.2" and come with a specific kata.

Classic ancient regional magic.

PLEASE COPY THE LISTING WHEN BUYING as it might be the last one.

Standard trackable registered Post ($10) is now available to the USA, Europe, the UK,  and Australia  for parcels up to the value of $200 but please be aware that things have slowed due to Covid.

ALL orders over $200 and those to Canada, Japan, and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($50) and it gets there in 5 to 9 days.

If wanting another system in Asia, please write to me and we can work it out.

An LK Luk Om in Silver by Ajarn Krit

  • This is a legendary item that attracts great fortune and is a rare and efficient amulet from Thailand's strongly magical past. The source of the prai is the most important thing and they have the ability to lift the life.