I do sometimes buy older items when the piece is still very active and it is a good example of the old ways of working. This is a fine Burmese Panneng from 50/60 years ago that has been simply carved into the face of a Demon, which actually makes this possibly Tai Yai as they hold great sway with demon (Yak) magic.

The demon is used in Burmese magic to scare away ghosts, repel malicious forces and protect while traveling. It is akin to evil fighting evil as this is an underworld entity that has been brought in to protect the bearer. It was originally in a worn woven fitting, which had to be replaced and silver has been added instead. I love the simplicity of the piece and the fact that it is easy to care for as there is no kata and you just need to connect.

This Panneng measures 1.5" and is a classic of its type.

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An Old Burmese Carved Panneng of a Demon in silver

  • Panneng are skull piece amulets that come from bodies that died a prai death and the best ones are where we know the persons name and type of death. This can make a huge difference to the power available in the talisman.