I love it when good local magicians make crazy strong Luk Om's from what is in their Samnak and this was made in very limited numbers by Ajarn Nahn A. Ajarn A does not make a huge amount of items so what he makes has a kick and is good country magic, rough looking but potent.

Produced 4 years ago, this Luk Om consists of a collection of prai powders and graveyard earths to create a ball, which has been blessed over a period of months to bring it to life. This piece is deceptively strong and feels like higher magic, which is often the case with Luk Om, they look simple but are potent pieces.

Superb Prai magic for Metta and Saneah and is fit wil a belt loop for hanging discretely on the waist.

Measures 1.4" and comes with just the Namo Dtassa kata.

An Old Prai Luk Om Amulet for Metta & Saneah by Ajarn Nahn A

  • Luk Om's are simply balls of material to bring magic to a persons life and can therefore take a myriad of forms, from strictly Buddhist to insane prai.