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Amulets to the Burmese Weikza are rare. These were made by an Ajarn associated with the cult (or Nikai) of Bo Bo Aung (Pu Pu Ong in Thailand), who just goes by the name of Ajarn Pu Ong. These were made for the Thai devotees of Pu Pu Ong as they come in a Thai style temple box and the amulet then had to be cased. I will send this box to the buyer along with the amulet to verify the source of this piece.

There are two issues for this amulet, which was released a few years ago. This Gold one is the Ong Kru as it has a real Gold Takrut in the matrix in the back, which is pink! The matrix is the herbal mixture for this Weiza and it has a small mercury amalgam inserted along with a name plate below the Takrut. The mixtures used in Burmese magic carry great potency and are produced in a very different way to the matrix found at the back of a Thai amulet. They come from the lineage associated with this cult and carry great potency. The Weikza are akin to the way the Thais praise the Lersi. They are the access to higher powers, to remarkable men who spent a lifetime perfecting their mastery of meditation and building their magic in the Burmese way.

Mysterious and wonderful. The amulet measures 2.4" and is one of 99 made. Get these while you can as will disappear soon.

An Ong Kru Amulet to Weiza Bo Bo Aung by Ajarn Pu Ong of Burma