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This is a stunning Kuman Thong Ong Kru Amulet from Kruba Subin that is from 7 year old stock. This was a time when Ajarn Subin was still a monk and he is a legend in The Thai Occult as he exemplifies Metta, he shines with it. There were only 69 of these amulets made and they are of beautiful quality.

The front is a fine enamel locket (which looks better than the pic) and the rear holds a mix of earths from 7 graveyards, child bone, child Nam Man Praim two Takrut, 3 KMT figures in 3 different metals and some stones, which are actually herbal mixtures. This is very fine work from Ajarn Subin, who is interviewed in the next book on The Thai Occult - the last in this present series.

The Kuman Thong is the golden child of Thai legend, the spirit son who is renowned in bringing wealth to his parent and for being highly protective. Also superb for influencing others and while there are different rules for care, they are a very rewarding amulet indeed. They need both care (with the owner being like a parent) and understanding as these can be rowdy little spirit kids but devotees of the KMT grow to adore them. Ancient Thai Magic.

Measures just under 2.7" and comes with Ajarn's card.

You will not find a better KMT from a better Ajarn so grab these quickly please.

An Ong Kru Kuman Thong Amulet by Kruba Subin

  • The Kuman Thong is the main child spirit that is worshipped within the practices of the Thai Occult, primarily for their ability to bring wealth and prosperity. It is also considered an act of Metta to care for the spirit of a child, to become its parent with all the responsibilities in caring for a ghost child.