The Phaya Khao Kham Ong Kru Amulet by Phra Ajarn Satien

There's a few very special aspects to this amulet, which was released in a case around 6 years ago. Phaya Khao Kham is like a Lanna Khun Paen, a Northern Thai General of legend both for his fighting abilities, his magic and his way with the ladies. It is incredibly well carved in Mai Rak - wood from the love tree, which is hard enough to carve to this detail and it carries Saneah within it. The back has etched  Yants and at the base there is a hole into which the activation Takrut has been inserted. It is a true Ong Kru, a top quality piece.

Another aspect of this item is that it has been made by one of the teachers of Ajarn Ting and he is a famous maker in these parts. I have not cased this in plastic, only edged it in silver as it looks more beautiful this way.

Measures 1.65" and comes with the original presentation box and kata. I will also send a chain to put this on but really, it needs a silver chain to go with the amulet.

High Quality Magic.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($45)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else.

An Ong Kru Phaya Khao Kham Amulet in silver by Phra Ajarn Satien

  • Khun Paen was the master magician, warrior and womaniser of legend and amulets to him bring strong attraction, protection, authority and good fortune. st of this type have an amazing prai source, which are the only ones i stock.