This is a very special item from the store rooms of Luang Phor Pina's temple, Wat Sanomlao - original 9 Ladies Nam Man Prai from 1997 that was blessed by Luang Phor Pina. I had some of these from old stock about 4 years ago and have found more.

What makes this NMP remarkable is that it can be placed onto the body, which is very unusual for a strong prai oil but this comes from a Buddhist Arahant and Master magician. It can be placed on both rib cages with a spot on the opposite hand and is brilliant for attraction, negotiations and business wealth.

This original NMP contains Mae Nua Hom, which was Luang Phor's top prai product that came from a nun who died in an accident. There is also one of his lightning seeds, which he used to place in a spot that was often struck on the hill behind the temple. Add to that the NMP from 9 dead pregnant ladies and a blessing from one of Thailand's greatest magical monks and you have a very special item indeed.

The bottle measures 1.5" and will last you some time but I only managed to get 7 bottles.

No idea how I keep finding this stuff... it just comes to me.

An Original 9 Ladies Nam Man Prai by LP Pina 1997

  • Luang Phor Pina was a disciple of the legendary Ajarn Man and followed a life of both spiritual and magical dedication, producing some of the wildest prai amulets that can be found.

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