My friend lives near Wat Sanomlao, the temple of Luang Phor Pina and goodies periodically appear from the local people. Recently he came across a few good old Khun Paen amulets from the early 90's and this is one of them (I bought a pair and this is the second one), now stunningly cased in silver. You have to consider most potent prai pieces from Luang Phor as being the work of a Master Magician and they are all bloody good but sometimes he makes something very special indeed.

Luang Phor Pina made many Khun Paen to keep up with the demand. They came in many forms and at many price levels and this is a mid range one from the early 90's. The front shows the classic image of Khun Paen but here Luang Phor put a faceted garnet in the centre of his body and an old photo of him on the back. The mix is rough and consists of female bone powders and temple earths. This is a class ic mix that made his Khun paen famous.

This has been blessed for great fortune, wishes, attraction and the authority. It comes with Luang Phor's amulet kata but the kata to him can also be used and both will be sent on purchase. This is something that got him into trouble with the monastic authorities as having a kata to him is frowned upon but it works well and brings a greater connection to the old Master.

Measures 2.5" in its fabulous hand made silver case.

An exceptional magical relic from between 1992 and 1995.

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An Original Khun Paen Prai Amulet by Luang Phor Pina in silver

  • Luang Phor Pina was a disciple of the teachings of the legendary Ajarn Man and followed a life of both spiritual and magical dedication, producing some of the wildest prai amulets that can be found. He became an Arahant Saint while meditating through his own death in 2002.