The Yaa Rattana by Kruba Apiwat 2016
This is made knowledge of Kruba Wat Mai Hong and it is one of his famous Wicha. It is praised by the Tai Yai people and is highly valued by them. As the only known disciple of Kruba Wat Mai Hong, Kruba Apiwat makes sure that he has these Yaa available as they are a great boon for the people who follow him and otherwise they would have to find the old versions, which can be very expensive.

There are more than one version of this Yaa and the Yaa Ratana Saara is also on the site. This one was produced about 6 years ago and the script is Tai Yai rather than that off form of what can be seen as akin to shorthand, which can be read by the Ajarns here. This has the mystery we look for in these Yaa, it is both stunning and remarkable.
The benefits for this Yaa are simple and therefore easy. This one is for Metta, to be treat kindly by all those you meet and this is particularly the case when traveling. It brings popularity and from that it becomes an essential item for the future where Metta and people liking you will have as much benefit as other more aggressive forms of protection.
It measures 1.5” and only uses the Namo Dtassa kata.

Burmese Wicha is renowned for its potent herbal mixtures and the blessings the maker can give. This amulet is a testament to that statement.

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An Original Yaa Ratana by Kruba Apiwat for Metta and Safe Travels

  • Burmese Magic is mysterious and strange and currently very popular as it brings changes to life that we cannot explain. It is famous for its Yaa mixtures, which are combinations of rare plants and specific rituals that can take many months but produce something exceptional. These mixtures are handed down through the generations of Masters that follow. Kruba Apiwat is perhaps the top maker of Yaa mixtures at this time.