The power of Takruts are greatly underestimated and they can be made for very specific jobs, which are needed by pretty much all of us. I have asked Ajarn Tui to fill the gaps in the magical arsenal offered on this site and this one was produced in small numbers on an astrologically significant day and blessed on multiple occasions in Sompoi water, which keeps the magic pure.

This is a type of reed that is Athan if it dies naturally rather than being cut, and it can get large as Ajarn only used the sections that are not too wide. The top is sealed with the sap of the Jujube tree and the inside had a lead Yant that carries the kata for Kong Grapan. I love how simple and ancient this is, there is not even a kata and instead you request that it protects you with your mind. I doubt there is any form of magic older on this site as this harks back to the tough men who fought in the wars from Thailand’s distant past.

As the world's top astrologers are predicting a rough ride for this year and beyond I thought it time to ask Ajarn Tui for some of these highly unusual Takrut because he has potent blessings. In this case I think of him as a punk with a baseball bat and this Takrut is very oddly strong, it sits cold in the hand.

Measures 2" and comes on a simple cord with Ajarn Tui's card. I love his work.

Ancient and potent protection magic.

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Ancient Magic for Kong Grapan Invincibility by Ajarn Tui - Physical Protection

  • Takruts have exceptional power. They hold the spell for activating an amulet and are underestimated. It is my intention to have Ajarn Tui make a range of very unusual Takruts for specific magic that we all need.